Jibebe at a glance

The Jibebe project aims to deliver both a production-ready electric tricycle and the first fully autonomous electric tractor with self-tilling capabilites.

Electric Tricycle

The electric tricycle was commissioned by the APDK(Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya) to provide an easy and affordable mobility solution to disabled persons

Autonomous Tractor

This was an addition to the existing tractor aiming to modify it to an electric version. The tractor would also be upgraded to be fully autonomous and have self-tilling capabilities

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Electric Tricycle

The tricycle was made as an upgrade to existing hand powered mobility vehicles.

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Shujaa Tractor

Electric feaatures and fully autonomy were added to the existing tractor. (Ongoing)

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Our Gallery

Electric Tricycle Presentation at JKUAT

Team meeting at JKUAT Mechanical Workshop

Tricycle Testing

Tricycle Display Hub

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“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the Jibebe team, their response to our requirements exceeded expectations and the execution was efficient, professional and very reassuring. I fully appreciate them.”

Mr Athony Nzuki


“I have had a lot of fun working with the team. The foundations we have laid here will lead to greater things”

Mr Moses Mulwa

Electrical Engineer at Jibebe